Near Patient Testing + Drug Monitoring + Patient Safety

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About Neptune

The Neptune Solution provides effective, comprehensive and simple drug monitoring, which the practice controls.

  • Simplifies Drug Monitoring
  • Clinician Led
  • Supports Near Patient Testing Direct Enhanced Service
  • Sophisticated Reminder System
  • Improved Patient Safety
  • Cost Effective & Efficient
  • User Friendly
  • Easily Adaptable
  • Installed Throughout Leeds CCG
  • Provides CCG Level Reporting
  • Integrates with SystmOne and EMIS.

"Neptune allows our CCG to make sure all practices are monitoring Amber 3 patients for the correct drugs and testing regimes."

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The Neptune Solution

Neptune has been implemented in over 100 practices and has found errors and omissions in every practice. 

What might you be missing?

Neptune gives peace of mind
– all patients issued a relevant drug are monitored for the correct testing and reminded until all tests have been
seen by the GP.

Safe and Efficient.

Cost Effective – Neptune costs the same amount as an average practice spends on paper towels. 

Value for Money

The Need for Neptune

We find that practices regularly under-estimate the amount of time they are spending monitoring Amber/NPT drugs. They also over-estimate their ability to spot problems in the effectiveness of this work. So does your practice need Neptune?

How Does Your Current Practice Monitoring Compare?
Does Your System...NeptuneYour System?
Sieve ALL practice data, rather than run clinical reports on separate drugs,
so no gaps or out of date searches?
Produce the required intervention as automated; letters, telephone lists and emails,
individually tailored to your practice and at the click of a button?
Automatically match required testing with the drug?
Allow your practice to add additional drugs to be monitored?
Reduce the admin burden by identifying only patients who are not compliant?
Never lose a patient to recall?
Check that the tests required have happened and the results have been seen?
Provide a central data service that ensures drug lists, testing regimes and shared care
protocols are up to date and in front of staff on the screen?
Never under-report the number of patients requiring monitoring?
Provide confidence for your GP’s at the point of prescribing that the testing regime is being followed?
Operate on multiple PC’s in your practice and automatically synchronise the data for your convenience,
even across multiple sites (where sites are linked)?
Allow you to import reminders back into your clinical system?
Reduce the risk of human error by using automated procedures?
Allow you to maintain patients down to an individual level, whilst still automating the rest of the process?
Save admin time and money?
Offer compatibility with SNOMED and READ codes?
Produce your end of year NPT Claim at the touch of a button, simply and accurately?

What Might You Be Missing?

Are you checking all the right things, now? We meet people who had great monitoring systems, but over time these have drifted, a test has changed, a drug has been added, or a protocol has been amended. 

With Neptune, you can be confident when you press the button everything is up to date; test regimes, shared care protocols, drugs (all their brand names and formulations) are centrally maintained and updated for you.

Are patients being missed? It is worryingly easy for patients to slip through the cracks. Neptune doesn’t search by strings of data, Neptune takes all the practice data, every drug issue, every test result and sieves this to leave only non-compliant patients. It provides complete peace of mind, if a patient is not flagged they are ARE compliant.

Wading through the mass of surgery data could not be easier. Neptune is accurate, consistent and easy to use. 

Once it is set up, all the heavy lifting is done for you, time and again.

Produce accurate audits and reports at the touch of a button, Neptune holds this data for you.

Amber reporting made simple.

Neptune Gives Peace of Mind

Our Neptune drug monitoring software automatically sifts all the data and flags up patients whose test results are not complete. Once flagged, a patient continues to be reminded and held in the system until either their results are complete or they have been seen by a GP and a clinical decision made.

Neptune is user friendly, highly adaptable and was designed together with GP’s.

Neptune is a reminder system to support your current recall system, only showing the patients that have not come in for their tests. Saving the practice time and money, while ensuring excellent patient safety. Patients will never be lost to recall. Without this, how can you be certain no patient is overlooked?

Cost Effective

Neptune manages your complex drug monitoring, end to end.
Our software flags only non-compliant patients, those requiring intervention, saving valuable admin time. Neptune speeds up the next step by providing an automated range of options to complete this intervention e.g. personalised letters, phone lists and emails to remind patients. This information is exportable back into your practice system.

Your practice will benefit from more efficient use of appointments as Neptune clearly identifies which tests are missing and for which drugs. 

Neptune also produces a completed spreadsheet for your Amber/ NPT claims simply by entering the start and end date, saving vast amounts of valuable time and ensuring fully claimed practice revenue.

Practices frequently report that Neptune pays for itself in the improved claims and saved admin time.

Awards for Neptune

Neptune was recently recognised in the 2019 Patient Safety Learning Awards, where Neptune won the Data and Insight category. Neptune was the only Primary care project to win an award. We firmly believe that patient safety in Primary care should be supported and we lead in this area.

Want to know more about our award-winning software?

Contact us for more information.

Patient Safety Learning Award Winners 2019

EHI Award Winners

Pre Sales FAQs

Our friendly and knowledgeable Support Team are there to help, not only for technical problems but also to answer queries from users; simply raise a web ticket for fast, efficient service. If micro-training is needed, this can be booked too.

During the first year after purchase, we offer comprehensive training to practice staff operating Neptune. This includes; training sessions, a step by step manual and access to web resources including videos. We want you to be confident using Neptune and offer plenty of methods to help you achieve this.  We charge more for Neptune in the first year to ensure we can provide you with all the help you need.

In subsequent years, your lower ongoing support fee gives you continued access to our Support Team and to all web resources.  We also send Newsletters to help you keep skills and knowledge up to date and let you know about product enhancements. We run regional training courses and web-based training, to help practices retain and refresh their skills. 

We aim to work with practices and welcome feedback. Our users are experts and we value their ideas and feedback.

Neptune is commonly run by senior administration staff, who have some knowledge of drugs and clinical conditions. They should also be able to run searches and reports in your practice system and be familiar with ICE.

Neptune will run on any PC running Windows 7 or above. Neptune is light on system resources and will typically run within 400MB. Neptune provides practices with the facility to print Reminder letters and lists, so Neptune workstations need to be linked to the appropriate printers. Workstations also need your practice system installed on them and internet connectivity.
This is required to run updates and to allow remote help and support (TeamViewer).  We maintain high levels of security at all times.

We are running Neptune across whole CCG ‘s and individual practices. 

Whether you are a PCN, a group of practices, a single practice with linked sites or an individual practice we should have a Neptune Solution for you. Please contact us for more information about CCG’s, PCN’s and multi-site Neptune if this applies to you.

Client Testimonials

NEPTUNE has allowed me to reduce the time spent on this task significantly, an estimated saving of at least 10 hours a month and gives excellent accurate results for both the patient and the practice."

Using Neptune had an immediate positive effect on the practice. My searches had underreported the number of patients using drugs requiring regular monitoring significantly. Using Neptune improved patient safety and gave GPs confidence that when they were asked to issue these drugs the necessary testing regime was being followed. My personal opinion is that it is an excellent investment for both the practice and patients."

With Neptune running in our CCG we know how well practices are ensuring that monitoring is being carried out and that the CCG is getting value for money."

Follow us on social media – to keep in touch with new developments, hints & tips and the latest news on Neptune.

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