Near Patient Testing + Drug Monitoring + Patient Safety


How Does Your Current Practice Monitoring Compare?
Does Your System...NeptuneYour System?
Sieve ALL practice data, rather than run clinical reports on separate drugs,
so no gaps or out of date searches?
Produce the required intervention as automated; letters, telephone lists and emails,
individually tailored to your practice and at the click of a button?
Automatically match required testing with the drug?
Allow your practice to add additional drugs to be monitored?
Reduce the admin burden by identifying only patients who are not compliant?
Never lose a patient to recall?
Check that the tests required have happened and the results have been seen?
Provide a central data service that ensures drug lists, testing regimes and shared care
protocols are up to date and in front of staff on the screen?
Never under-report the number of patients requiring monitoring?
Provide confidence for your GP’s at the point of prescribing that the testing regime is being followed?
Operate on multiple PC’s in your practice and automatically synchronise the data for your convenience,
even across multiple sites (where sites are linked)?
Allow you to import reminders back into your clinical system?
Reduce the risk of human error by using automated procedures?
Allow you to maintain patients down to an individual level, whilst still automating the rest of the process?
Save admin time and money?
Offer compatibility with SNOMED and READ codes?
Produce your end of year NPT Claim at the touch of a button, simply and accurately?

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