Neptune in a Nutshell...
SIMPLIFIES drug monitoring
SOPHISTICATED recall system
SUPPORTS Near Patient Testing Direct Enhanced Service

The Neptune Solution
Captures and stores an accurate patient register
Imported via reports from various clinical systems
Manual entry is available if needed

Expandable library of drugs with their usual testing schedule
Currently includes all “amber one” near patient testing drugs plus brand names and formulations
Standard testing requirements stored against the individual drug according to the local shared care protocol, where available

Patient testing requirements
Default tests added automatically based on shared care protocol
Ability to customise based on individual patient requirement

Capacity to handle an unlimited number of drugs and testing schedules per patient
Deployed on a highly expandable and rapid database engine.
Practices can add their own drug and testing information to adapt the package to their own requirements

Recall system to make sure patients are having the tests they require.
Analyses tests performed against tests required, highlighting missing tests,
producing an escalating series of reminder letters for patients
Incorporates up to date patient demographic data supplied from the clinical system
Highlights patients not responding to the reminder letters, to enable clinician review

Amber one end of year report for quick and easy claims to the PCT
Customised reports available
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