Neptune's Philosophy in a Nutshell...
Clinician led
Improve patient safety
Cost Effective and Efficient
User FriendlyEasily Adaptable

Our Philosophy
Our goal is to provide easy to use, practical solutions to complex clinical management problems. To achieve this, NePTune’s development has and will continue to be clinician led.

We believe IT systems should evolve based on specific clinical requirements. Based on a flexible design, we can tailor and expand the solution to meet specific needs.

We aim to improve patient care and safety in a cost effective manner. We provide facilities to be both practice, hospital or centrally led covering a much wider patient base for example a clinical commissioning group.

We believe in embracing appropriate modern technologies, without having to abandon older, working ones.

Our History
The Neptune Solution was born out of a single GP’s desire to improve the monitoring of patients being prescribed  specific drugs within her clinical practice, knowing that the previous systems were unreliable, slow to administer and potentially unsafe.  After her many failed attempts at producing a sophisticated enough system to do the job properly, using the wrong software, the NePTune Project began in early 2008.

Working with a friend (who happened to be an IT consultant!), the NePTune Solution was developed, modelled around the Near Patient Testing Direct Enhanced Service. After two years of development, monitoring of the first patients began in June 2010.  After immediate success and positive patient feedback in a single practice, and after fully testing the system at several other sites, The NePTune Solution is now being rolled out, improving the monitoring of patients over a wide area.
In recognition of our achievements to date, we were one of three finalists for the EHI Awards 2011 in the category of “Best use of IT to promote patient safety.”
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